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HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN. The cervical spine pillow is fiber-filled for long-lasting strength and use, while the cotton cover is breathable and exceptionally soft against your skin. This resilient fiber springs back when compressed to supply optimal comfort and durability for years to come. SUPPORTIVE PILLOW. An oval-shaped center cradles the head and allows the built-in neck roll to support your neck when sleeping on your side or back. This deeper depression where the head lies adds extra support under the neck to help keep it aligned with the spine. VERSATILE USE. Using this pillow will help to correct nerve malfunction, as well as promote healing of various injuries. It can effectively be used to remedy many common ailments, such as post-spinal surgery, neck spasms or whiplash, arthritis, tension headaches and snoring. PERFECT FIT. Designed with two different width neck rolls on the top and bottom, the Bodyhealt provides a custom fit for different-sized sleepers. Generous side lobes are comfortable yet firm, supporting the head and neck in a natural position when sleeping on your side. GOOD NIGHT??S REST. Promoting good health while furnishing optimal comfort, this pillow supports the normal curvature of the neck and spine. This allows all individuals to get a good night??s rest, whether they are experiencing pain or not.


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